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SharePoint List Item Ranking screenshot

SharePoint List Item Ranking 1.2.825.6

Mannually reorder SharePoint list items

352.17 KB
2012-10-06 20:48:28
SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup screenshot

SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup 2.17.1124.4

lookup info from different site's column

777.58 KB
2012-10-06 13:59:54
SharePoint Permission Boost screenshot

SharePoint Permission Boost 4.5.701.1

Assign permissions to item-releated person.

1.03 MB
2013-08-28 11:12:43
SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost screenshot

SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost 2.1.1119.25

Alert and remind users on item changes

2.63 MB
2012-10-06 14:00:21
SharePoint Password Change screenshot

SharePoint Password Change 2.3.723.2

password change, password expire warning

414.94 KB
2012-10-06 14:11:05
SharePoint Permission Workflow screenshot

SharePoint Permission Workflow 2.3.1215.3

Auto set permission to item when it created

966.29 KB
2012-10-06 14:11:33
SharePoint AD Self Service screenshot

SharePoint AD Self Service 2.2.1210.21

Allow users to modify Active Directory data

988.48 KB
2012-10-06 20:43:52
SharePoint View Boost screenshot

SharePoint View Boost

SharePoint view facilitate list view.

290.54 KB
2013-07-23 12:14:16
SharePoint Item Permission Batch screenshot

SharePoint Item Permission Batch 4.4.509.4

Batching assign permissions to all items.

303.47 KB
2013-08-27 12:17:30
SharePoint List Collection screenshot

SharePoint List Collection 3.3.508.4

collect items into a grid view web part

888.33 KB
2013-08-26 12:12:09
SharePoint Form Validation screenshot

SharePoint Form Validation 1.7.507.2

do sharepoint form validation to an item.

410.44 KB
2013-08-07 12:18:54
SharePoint AD Information Sync 2.0 screenshot

SharePoint AD Information Sync 2.0 3.0.1220.0

Ensure data consistency and efficiency

698.89 KB
2017-07-18 14:21:44
SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup Pack screenshot

SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup Pack 2.17.1124.9

cross-site lookup pack extend lookup function

777.9 KB
2012-10-06 20:43:53
SharePoint Wiki Redirect screenshot

SharePoint Wiki Redirect

Can select wiki views from which to redirect.

291.2 KB
2013-07-24 12:13:32
SharePoint Column/View Permission screenshot

SharePoint Column/View Permission 2.3.1215.22

Assign permissions to columns and views

1.02 MB
2012-10-06 20:43:53